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4 steps to a business app

Scheer BPaaS is a cloud based solution for the planning, optimisation, realisation and implementation of business processes. With Process Apps 4.1 you can implement new business processes quickly and with agility. The creation of process models and intelligent business apps is possible without any programming knowledge. This way, the digitization of your processes is made easy.

In just 4 step your processes and innovations can be implemented in innovative business apps!

1. Start your process

Scheer BPaaS is a web based solution that is also available on-premise. The Scheer BPaaS cockpit enables a personalized introduction to the solution for you with rights related content. Exact and customized information about your projects and applications is shown. Also, you only see content relevant to you. This way the administration of your projects is made easy. Moreover, via a real time search you can gain direct access to the information you are looking for.

2. Planning and design

With the EKP based model designer it is easy to depict business processes. A wide range of modelling building blocks are available to you such as function, events, connectors, systems, data, masks and roles which you can position as you wish per drag and drop. In addition you can import and use existing models. The modelling of processes is simplified enormously.

3. Process to application

Application design allows the intuitive creation of process controlled business apps on the basis of EPK models. For this purpose you can enrich your processes with so-called forms rendering your processes executable per mouse click. A particular highlight is that individual process steps can be assigned rights in order to prevent unwanted access. In addition it is possible to choose different languages per mouse click.

4. Process app execution

Executable processes are available on mobile end-devices without additional expense. You can simulate the execution of applications on differing devices with a guarantee of optimum testing and quality assurance.


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