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Scheer iBPM
Intelligent business process management

Speed Up Digitization – Speed, agility and transparency for your business processes.

Digitization is rapidly changing all markets, sectors, products and services and is leading to extreme productivity and responsiveness and this revolution lies in processes. Existing BPM concepts are being re-thought in order to implement automation, harmonization, optimization, diversification and the execution of processes with unprecedented speed, agility and transparency. With Scheer iBPM (intelligent BPM) we offer you integrated support for your digital transformation from the development of new business models over process optimization up to operation. Scheer accompanies you with the planning, mapping, analysis, integration, implementation and execution of your processes on your journey to becoming a digital company.

Maximize the potential of digitization with intelligent business process management

With ARIS, E2E Bridge and Scheer BPaaS we offer award winning solutions for process optimization, process integration and process execution that maximize the potential of mobile, analytics, social and cloud and enable the optimal implementation of your digitization projects. In addition we support you with comprehensive professional services and innovative BPM methods for the transformation and control of your processes and IT.

Scheer iBPM – the triad for the digitization of your business processes, products and services

Creation of intelligent process applications

With Scheer BPaaS specialist departments and IT can create process based business applications with unprecedented speed and agility.


Business Transformation & Performance Management

The ARIS business process analysis platform enables you to document, analyse, standardize and optimize your business processes.


Process Integration & Monitoring

E2E Bridge provides you with a comprehensive integration platform for the transparent interlinking of processes, information, applications, systems and people.


iBPM Webinar: Collaborative process improvements with  ARIS Mobile and Scheer BPaaS

In this 45 minute webinar we present a solution based on ARIS Mobile and Scheer BPaaS for intelligent, mobile business process management that, from collaborative process adaptation to process digitization, enables the implementation of new and innovative processes.

Scheer iBPM Solution overview

Collaborative, mobile process optimization with ARIS Mobile

Process portals with ARIS Connect/ARIS Business Publisher

Process analysis, optimization and harmonization with ARIS

Process Integration & Monitoring with E2E Bridge

Process execution with Scheer BPaaS

Operative process measuring and dashboarding with PPM and MashZone


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