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E2E Bridge
End2End Integration

E2E Bridge – a single platform to meet all challenges

The End2end integration platform E2E Bridge allows the transparent interlinking of processes, information, applications, systems or people. This way, the quick adaptation of existing structures and the seamless connection of new processes and applications is possible.

The platform for EAI and Mobile

Whether you are dealing with challenges in the area of classic enterprise application integration (EAI), whether you are confronting completely new challenges with mobile devices or dealing with intelligent machines in an Industry 4.0 context, whether systems exchange data and information autonomously with each other or specialist users analyse complex transactions with the help of special workflows and user interfaces: with E2E Bridge model based integration projects can be implemented quickly and flexibly.


Business, development and operation brought together around the same table

The strength of E2E Bridge lies not just in the integration of systems and processes, but also in the connecting of people. The basis for co-operation lies in models which can be directly executed as a program with E2E Bridge. Complex models are more effectively displayed with the help of models than in the form of codes that for the most part are understood only by programmers. In order to continuously develop processes and business applications further, it is necessary to bring all stakeholders together around the same table. This happens with models as the basis for co-operation between differing departments.

Business and IT specialists work more effectively together

With E2E Bridge the application of models is expanded to all areas of usage. This way, all relevant information is described and displayed in a commonly understood form. Breaks in media, such as found in other development and integration tools, are eliminated.

E2E Bridge: a short explanation

Benefits of the E2E Bridge:


Quick project implementation through executable models

Alongside better co-operation between specialist departments, the model based approach also has other benefits. Documentation is code at the same time. This means that when the specification has been completed the project implementation has also been completed! The result is quick project implementation at the same time as high quality.


Change management made easy

With the use of executable models for interdisciplinary communication each and every change in the starting position becomes immediately clear. And that means for all those responsible and going beyond the entire lifecycle. As the actual status is always absolutely known the project risk is also reduced.


Flexible and future proofed platforms

E2E has the advantage of using diverse integration technologies in a single platform. This way, all processes can be centrally administered and controlled in a single cockpit, independent of the chosen methodology or technology.


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