SAP S4/HANA – New business opportunities through linking all aspects of the supply chain

In order to help companies reduce complexity and survive in the digital economy SAP has developed a structural framework with which new business strategies can be developed and implemented.

In this framework the entire supply chain is digitized, including the digital core which serves as a platform for innovation and business process optimization. Each and every company is able to develop a digital strategy through real-time information from big data, a personalized customer experience, omni-channel, interlinking of devices and personal and company/business networks.

The SAP-S/4HANA solutions for various business sectors combine modern, simplified applications with the SAP HANA platform and support collaborative working in business networks.

The business area solutions can be used as self-contained solutions or as part of SAP-S/4HANA solutions for business areas. In this way customers have more choice, for example genuine hybrid scenarios and step-for-step implementations.

Our Services

We accompany you as full service provider on your way to the new world of S/4HANA – from conception through to implementation and operation. Through our early commitment and engagement in the topic we have been able to support the first companies in the successful implementation of the latest generation of SAP Business Suite.

Beyond this we support companies in not only the development of new business models or the implementation of new S/4HANA functionality but engage early with them and advise our clients on their journey into the new world of SAP.

System installation

Installation of a new SAP S/4HANA system (cloud or on-premise) with and without the merging of exiting systems

System conversion

Converting an existing SAP Business Suite to SAP S/4HANA (on-premise), both from a database or application layer

Transformation of the system landscape

Transformation of the system landscape such as e.g. the merging of exiting SAP Business Suites into a global SAP S/4HANA system (cloud or on-premise)

SAP S4/HANA Enterprise Management

The SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management solution represents the digital core that encompasses all a company’s business critical processes: it is based entirely on the SAP HANA platform, has a user interface developed from SAP Fiori and is available as both a cloud or on-premise solution.

The solution, which can be described as an ERP solution, offers core functions for end-to-end processes such as the sales process (order to cash), the manufacturing process (plan to product) and the procurement process (procure to pay) as well as functions for finance.

The extremely powerful core of SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management is highly scalable and covers every requirement of an optimized system landscape.

Most important Functions

  • Business critical processes in the entire company in real time
  • Core functions for finance and hums resources
  • The only source with real-time data
  • Personalized user experience and real-time information and access from every device


  • ŸQuicker business results with reduced operating costs thanks to simplified IT
  • ŸIncreased competitiveness with integrated, quick and flexible business processes
  • ŸHigher employee productivity though concentration on value yielding tasks

SAP S4/HANA Finance

SAP S/4HANA Finance (formerly SAP Simple Finance) was developed as the initial solution: a solution specifically optimized for HANA and cloud computing for all relevant areas of finance such as planning, budgeting, forecasting and accounting. SAP S/4HANA Finance offers functions from general financial planning and analysis through bookkeeping and administration through to specialist areas such as final accounts and consolidation, treasury or compliance, risk and audit management.

  • The fusion of financial bookkeeping and cost accounting to a centralised single-circuit system. (One record for all bookkeeping data)
  • Optimization of processes through reductions in recorded data (no aggregates) and storage of all data from the main and subsidiary ledgers in a central repository
  • Simplification of user guidance through responsive SAP Fiori user interfaces and access to planning, forecasting and predictive analytics tools.

The implementation of the solution can be designed simply and flexibly: SAP S/4HANA Finance can be used on-premise, in the cloud (rental model) or as a hybrid operating model.

Most important functions

  • ŸŸCentralized source for financial and operating data
  • Real-time overview of finance processes as well as accounts and invoicing
  • ŸForecasts, simulation, what-if analyses for continual financial and company planning


  • Consistency in the entire company, fewer errors and next to no requirement for coordination
  • Real-time insights enabling quick decision making
  • ŸVerification of the financial consequences of strategic business decisions

SAP S4/HANA Logistics

The control of logistics processes in companies is improved. Alongside the enormous processing speed achieved through the use of in-memory-computing and the simplification of many fundamental elements of logistics, the added value lies above all in the possibilities for simulation and analysis.

Based on considerably simplified data structures, processes in logistics have become leaner and more agile. In material needs planning, stockholding or stock valuation new possibilities for quicker control and better decision making result from the availability of real-time information and user friendly interfaces in the clearly laid out user cockpit.

Most important functions

  • ŸMaster uncertainty: support monthly demand and production planning cycles with real-time data and what-if scenarios
  • Recognise changes in demand and react quickly through quick planning, new plans and simulation
  • ŸThe most important stock depletion, identify and prioritize possibilities and consequences


  • Easy to use user interface with complete overview
  • ŸHigher stock turnover and revenue
  • Higher levels of on-time delivery, shorter throughput times
  • Lower warehousing and transport costs
  • Shorter customer order cycle
  • Faster reaction to changes in demand
  • Lower manufacturing costs and fewer stock shortages
  • Lower stockholding and safety stock levels

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