Innovation management
Secure the future with the right inspiration!

Innovation is the key to long-term competitiveness and a central building block for growth and success both nationally and internationally. Particularly in the age of digitization, innovation is taking on an increasingly significant role. Only with professional innovation management can you reach the four relevant targets:
Growth, speed, transparency and profitability  

We accompany you on your way to innovation and success

Successful innovation management manifests itself through the optimal design and fine tuning of five dimensions of excellence amongst each other together with the internal and external corporate environment.

We accompany publicly listed companies as well as medium sized businesses along the entire innovation process. We regard innovation management as an end-to-end process and offer a rich portfolio of services that will inject fresh impetus into your innovation management.

Whether as strategist, designer, coach, ideas and impulse generator, creative technician or optimizer we are your skilled partner in all roles.

Innovation strategy as the foundation for future success.

We accompany you with

  • the analysis of your current service portfolio
  • market and competitive analysis
  • potential analysis and feasibility studies
  • the development of a clear innovation strategy from the market and company viewpoint
  • the development and review of business models to ensure pay-back on your innovations

The journey from the strategy, over the idea and up to success in the market is an arduous one. Formality and systematic thinking play a decisive role.

We offer support with

  • the conception of a suitable innovation process from an end-to-end point of view
  • the efficient design of the different innovation phases and
  • with the design of interfaces

The organisational embedding of innovation management includes amongst othersanchoring it in company’s supply chain

  • the identification and definition of roles and responsibilities
  • the integration into existing IT systems
  • generating the ability to create innovation
  • methodology workshops on idea generation
  • methodology training
  • supporting the ability to scout for trends and ideas

Systematic consultancy and transformation approaches lay the early stage foundations for a healthy innovation management environment enjoying high levels of acceptance. This is important as at present the acceptance of innovation management systems is high enough to generate innovation efficiently in less than 10% of companies. Intrapreneurship relating to innovation has become one of the central themes. The right culture, the right skills in the right place, the right incentive systems and the corresponding communication are levers on which we work together with companies

Transparency and comprehensibility create acceptance, the avoidance of errors, knowledge exchange and measurability and therefore build additional foundation stones for success in innovation.
Belonging to this, alongside innovation controlling with corresponding KPIs and a balanced score card, is also the efficient management of portfolios, programs and projects.
Product life-cycle management and portfolio cleansing/optimization are often the first steps in maximizing the success dimensions of an innovation portfolio.

The right start

We accompany organisations in the quick, effective integration of innovation management as a new process and help to bring it to life.

Innovation audit

The audit serves as the entry point in order to quickly identify actions required and to benchmark the company’s innovation performance.

Exzellenz Initiatives

We implement excellence initiatives together with you that enable the integrated design of your innovation management or, through targeted measures, help to optimize individual elements.

Impulse initiative

Whether through ideas workshops, business model development or feasibility studies – we will gladly share our perspectives with you and give your innovation management the necessary momentum.


The incubation approach is targeted at the integration and support of start-ups. You can make use of our own start-up experience in order to identify and integrate external knowledge effectively and efficiently into your own organization.


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