Optimal processes for your customers

The retail sector and its challenges

Retail companies of all sizes have to assert themselves continually in the market with the right product assortment and services. Business models however have been in a state of change for some time. They are influenced by cutthroat competition, verticalization, internationalization and the increasing expansion of co-operation with manufacturers and service providers. The sum total of subsequent developments and innovations is making retail business models successively more complex:

Consumer behaviour and digitization

Societal change, changes in lifestyle and increasing mobility are leading to changes in consumer behaviour. Increasing digitization and the availability of mobile end-devices for personal use are strengthening the trend as their use offers more opportunity for situational aspects such as spontaneity and selectiveness. This is leading to the questioning of established retail business models and explains the current trend towards omni-channel commerce and individualized offers.

Optimize your processes!

In order to meet these challenges companies need the flexible and efficient design of processes.

Scheer GmbH understands these challenges and with an integrated consultancy approach covers all areas necessary for the dynamic and future oriented design of your company.

As specialists for optimal processes in the retail sector we can advise you on the following topics:

Business process management in sector specific core processes and core processes for all product groups in wholesale and retail as well as in the mail-order market

  • Investigation and implementation of digital opportunities
  • Development of innovative business models based on current trends
  • Consulting on omni-channel commerce, e-commerce and mobile business
  • 360 degree innovation – accompaniment of innovation development
  • Development and integration of mobile solutions
  • Harmonization of IT systems
  • Implementation of omni-channel / e-commerce solutions (SAP Hybris)
  • Use of business intelligence based on SAP S/4HANA Enterprise
  • Implementation of SAP POS data management
  • Integration of warehouse administration with SAP eWM

With Retail.PerformanceREADY by Scheer we have digitized our consultancy experience in business process management with our SAP and IT know-how based on SAP Best Practices and Scheer Best Practices.

The content is a core building block in the quick and secure implementation of projects supported by our transformation methods and integrated into our process driven IT/SAP procedure model.

Optimization of IT architectures and their integration

  • Optimization of store branch processes
  • Optimization of cost calculations for retail logistics, cash logistics, supplier management and supplier evaluation
  • Integrated master data management (MDM)
  • Management of product safety and quality (IFS-Compliance)
  • Harmonization of IT systems

Development of individual solutions based on Scheer PAS


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