Consumer goods industry
Close to the customer with lean processes

The consumer goods industry and its challenges

Companies in the consumer goods sector carry a special responsibility in society because they regularly influence our daily lives with their products and services. The focus of these companies is the consumer, however the sector is undergoing radical change. A change in consumer consciousness is leading to an increasing demand for individuality and local colour in brands and products. In addition, the marked pressure on margins in international competition is leading to the verticalization of competing companies. Amongst other things and as a reaction to this, refined omni-channel strategies to “bypass” the classic retail environment are coming into use.

Consumer behaviour and digitization

The digitization of the economy in the consumer goods sector is already a reality. The act of buying is becoming more social, interconnected but also more transparent. Mobile social media applications demonstrate this powerfully. The competition for new and changing classes of consumer is forcing companies to differentiate their products more strongly and adopt variable sales channels. As a result, time-to-market is becoming a critical success factor.

Strong regulation

The requirements demanded by legislators, retailers and consumers necessitate significantly more transparency from manufacturers, for example relating to clean label, health claim regulations and IFS or BRC certification. This process is running alongside the drastically increasing demands being placed on the technological basis of companies.

Optimize your processes

In order to meet these challenges companies need the flexible and efficient design of processes.

Scheer GmbH understands these challenges and with an integrated consultancy approach covers all areas necessary for the dynamic and future oriented design of your company.

As specialists for optimal processes in consumer goods industries we can advise you on the following topics:

  • Investigation and implementation of digital opportunities
  • 360 degree innovation – accompaniment of innovation development
  • Development of innovative business models based on current trends
  • Business process management in sector specific core processes with a focus on foodstuff, drinks, cosmetics and fashion
  • Mobile solutions for inventory management and CRM
  • Improvements in sales planning based on market leading solutions
  • Process based implementation of sector solutions based on SAP ERP & SAP S/4HANA Enterprise with a focus on foodstuff, drinks and cosmetics
  • Implementation of SAP CRM and e-commerce solutions (SAP Hybris)
  • Implementation of SAP solutions for the areas of QM, EHSM, RD/RM
  • Implementation of SAP Master Data Governance (MDG)
  • Vertical integration towards the shop-floor. (e.g. „weighing dialogue“)
  • Integration of warehouse administration with SAP eWM

With Consumer.PerformanceREADY by Scheer we have digitized our consultancy experience in business process management with our SAP and IT know-how based on SAP Best Practices and Scheer Best Practices.

The content is a core building block in the quick and secure implementation of projects supported by our transformation methods and integrated into our process driven IT/SAP procedure model.

  • Optimization of IT architectures and their integration
  • Optimization of your entire supply chain
  • Integrated master data management (MDM)
  • Management of product safety and quality (IFS-Compliance)
  • Harmonization of IT systems

Development of individual solutions based on Scheer PAS.


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