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SAP HANA® Service Provider Vendor Benchmark 2016

Independent study positions Scheer GmbH as a LEADER in the SAP HANA service provider market

The first Study of SAP Service Providers in the German speaking (DACH) Market was released in November by Experton in collaboration with West Trax according to the Experton Group to “…account for the importance currently enjoyed by HANA. The switch to, or new implementation of SAP HANA requires a wide spectrum of solutions, starting with distribution (licencing models) and technologies (hardware, software and infrastructure) and services (strategies, analyses, business case considerations) up to the actual transformation (implementation, migration, integration). The area of services in particular, with the development of customer specific HANA strategies and the statement of individual benefits for customers based on resilient business case considerations represents a challenge for many service providers.”*

In relation to this wide ranging portfolio Scheer was confirmed as a LEADER in the market and therefore a reliable partner for integrated and comprehensive customer support on the path of digital transformation.

„Leaders“ are classified as strategic pace setters with a highly attractive product and service offering.

Our promise

We start from where a company actually finds itself, define a clear business case, develop together with them a HANA strategy and roadmap, and implement this based on their specific requirements and the appropriate technology platform. These are the factors that determine the costs and success of a HANA project.


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